Child Photography

  • “My daughter Lana and I loved getting her photos done with Icarus Photography. Katy was patient, organized and professional, and really knew how to get Lana’s best shots. Icarus is a great value, too – you really get a lot for your money. I highly recommend it.”

    Vicki H.

    , Child Photography Client
  • “Katy has been our child & family photographer for years. She is experienced and well-rounded, but I’d have to say her greatest strength is taking your creative vision, no matter how vague, and turning it into something better than you could have ever imagined. I am always so happy with her work and the beautiful memories she captures.”

    Jeni W.

    , Child Photography Client
  • Katy takes our daughter’s portrait every year. The photos are always beautiful. Nothing about Katy is overwhelming; she has good prices, she doesn’t give us too many pictures to choose from, the backgrounds and props she uses don’t distract from the subject of the photo. My daughter is comfortable with her, maybe because Katy is also a parent and knows how to bring out my daughter’s smile.

    Holly M.

    , Child Photography Client