Children's Portraits

I’m continually floored by my clients’ beautiful babies coming back to me as big kids. But you know what? That childhood magic is always there. You don’t need a special occasion to plan a milestone session — every moment watching our kiddos grow up is so very special and worth documenting.

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Teddy Bear Picnic with Aurelia & Liliana | Storybook Session

Storybook Sessions might be my most favorite type of session I offer now. Each one is different, tailored to fit your child or children. We tell a story, they get to play and pretend and be the magical little kiddos they are, and we make precious, whimsical portraits...

Ruby’s Springtime Milestone Portraits | Bloomington Child Photographer

Ruby’s 15 month milestone portraits pulled inspiration from all the new blooms and busy bees we’ve seen around Bloomington this season.